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Via Serra 23
17028 Spotorno (SV) Italy
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Via Serra 23
17028 Spotorno (SV) Italy
Tel. +39 019 74.54.41-2
Fax +39 019 74.16.175
P. iva 00429080096

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Events & Activities

Our beautiful region offers a wide range of attractions and possibilities to enjoy the outdoors and sports in general.

Sports activities

The sports activities possible in our area range from hiking to paragliding, from scuba diving to mountain biking.
Below is a brief list of the main activities and some useful information.


Behind Spotorno there is the plateau of the Manie with many trails  immersed in nature and the scent of undergrowth Ligurian for both hiking and Mountain Biking.

If you want to discover the history of Spotorno while hiking we recommend the route that starts from the central square of Aonza and leads to the Bishop's Castle and the Mortou cave; a path full of history and charm.

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The plateau of the Manie located at the back of Spotorno, Noli and Finale Ligure offers numerous mountain bike trails, with various levels of difficulty.
This where every spring the now famous 24H of Finale Ligure is held, an event that attracts sports fans from all over Europe and beyond.

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Our Gulf treats you to exciting diving experiences. With a catchment area stretching from Capo Noli to the Marina Protected area of the island of Bergeggi, it is guaranteed that you will not get bored quickly.

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The hinterland of the gulf allows different launching points for paragliding. Especially from the top of Mount Mao above location Torre del Mare and the lower Lingea directly at the back of Spotorno.

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Between Spotorno and Noli there are several surfing spots. The wind is almost always guaranteed and the scenery is of course breathtaking.

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Free Climbing

Our region with its mild climate allows climbing throughout the year. Specially the hinterland of Finale offers a vast amount of routes with varying degrees of difficulty..

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Canoe / Kayak

What better way to enjoy our beautiful sea than a canoe. Several beaches can rent you modern canoes with all the necessary equipment. If you want to take a more educational experience, the Tourist Office of Bergeggi organizes various excursions to the Protected Marine Park of Bergeggi during the summer.

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Beach volley

In Spotorno you can play beach volleyball throughout the year. In summertime numerous beaches on the coast set up Beach Volley courts, while in winter you can play indoor at Palabeach Village located in via Serra; a sports facility with real sand. Here in spring of 2015 were held the first Italian Championship of Indoor Beach Volleyball.

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Not too far from Spotorno there are two renowned golf courses: Garland Golf Club (40 km to the west) and La Filanda Golf Club Albisola (20 km to the east).

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Not only Sports

Our area offers, for those who do not like sports or want to take a break from the hectic activity,  a wide range of tourist activities.


Events Spotorno

Throughout the year Spotorno offers various attractions and events. Below are the most prominent.

Ralley of the Liguran Riviera /Historical Ralley of the Liguran Riviera

This classic car event is held annually in late January / early February. The start and finish line and the award ceremony are on the promenade of Spotorno.

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Wind festival

It has become a regular event of the Spotorno spring: 3 consecutive weekends in which the main theme is the wind: Kites, sailing, paragliding, plane models. A unique event that draws participants and onlookers from all over Italy and beyond.

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Every year in late August you can participate to this original event where comics and vignettes are the main theme. In addition to a theme exhibition of cartoons of the authors present in SpotornoComics, you can participate to the 'Night of Vignettes' which is the centerpiece of this event. A Saturday night in August dedicated to cartoons, comics, caricatures live in the Piazzetta del Sorriso Spotorno. A group of cartoonists will be available to the public, dispensing vignettes, cartoons and smiles! The event starts at 22.00 and lasts until late at night.

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It's a swimming race around the Isle of Bergeggi which is held every year in early October. The race is open to all: Pro Athletes, Triathletes and Amateurs.

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Distances main touristic attractions

Aquarium of Genua
60 Km
Côte d'Azur 115 Km
Caves of Borgio Verezzi 15 Km
Caves of Toirano 27 Km
Water Park Le Caravelle 30 Km
Portofino 97 Km
Le Cinque Terre 160 Km
Casinò Sanremo 92 Km
Casinò Montecarlo 127 Km
Golf Club Garlenda 42 Km
La Filanda Golf Club Albisola 23 Km
Rock Gym Finale Ligure 16 Km

Distances from main locations

Alessandria 110 Km
Bergamo 245 Km
Brescia 270 Km
Milan 180 Km
Novara 175 Km
Pavia 170 Km
Turin 180 Km
Vercelli 160 Km
C. Colombo Genova Airport
58 Km
C. Panero - Albenga Airpot
42 Km
Train Station (by foot)
800 mt.
Terminal Costa Crocere Savona 17 Km
Corsica Ferries (Vado Ligure) 7 Km
Ferries to Sardinia (port of Genua) 60 Km

Video Spotorno

Discover the beauty of Spotorno in this video dedicated to our beloved town.